Malcom X On History


“Of all the things that black men or any men study for that matter, history is qualified to reward all research.  You have to have a knowledge of history no matter what you’re going to do.  Anything that you undertake, you have to have a knowledge of history in order to be successful in it. The thing that has made the so called Negro in America fail more so than any other thing is your and my lack of knowledge concerning history.  We know less about history than anything else.  There are black people in America who have mastered the mathematical sciences ,have become professors and experts in physics, are able to toss Sputnik out in the atmosphere, out into space, they’re masters in that field.  We have black men who have mastered the field of medicine, we have blacks who have mastered other fields.  But very seldom do we have black men in America who have mastered the knowledge of history and the black man himself.”

Malcolm X


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